Revisions to 2012 School Grades — what they mean

The Florida Department of Education on Friday released revised 2012 School Grades for 213 elementary and middle schools statewide, including 19 in Duval County.
Of those 19:
• 8 improved from a "B" grade to an "A"
• 6 improved from a "C" to a "B"
• 3 improved from a "D" to a "C"
• 2 improved from an "F" to a "D"
The graph below shows 2011 and 2012 school grade totals reflecting the most recent changes.  Compared to the grades previously reported, Duval County now shows an even greater increase in the total number of "A" elementary and middle schools, as well as a greater decrease in the total number of "F" schools.
2012 School Grades are in
The grade revisions accentuate some tremendous individual school improvements in 2012 as well, including:
• Highlands Elementary School improved from an "F" in 2011 to an "A" in 2012
• John Love Elementary improved from an "F" to a "B"
• KIPP Impact Middle School improved from an "F" to a "B"
• Venetia Elementary School improved from a "C" to an "A"
The 19 individual school grade revisions were not enough to impact Duval County's overall district grade, which went from a "B" in 2011 to a "C" in 2012.
-- Jason Rose





of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.