Sharing teachers' perspectives at The Florida Times-Union Editorial Board

Last week, members of our Teacher Roundtable Steering Committee visited The Florida Times-Union at the invitation of Editorial Page Editor Mike Clark to talk with the paper's Editorial Board.

The invitation followed a recent op-ed about needed improvements to the teacher evaluation system that the teachers submitted and that ran in the Times-Union on August 3. You can read it here.

Steering Committee members Scott Sowell, Apryl Shackelford, Suzanne Evans, Iris Caro and Jennifer Miller passionately shared their views on the state of the teaching profession, and talked about their work guiding the Teacher Roundtable. What is the Teacher Roundtable? It's a new initiative to elevate the voices of public school educators in Duval County! You can learn more about the Roundtable here, and see some of the past results of the group.

Teachers, we hope you'll get involved in the Roundtable this fall! The next meeting is on September 19. Register now.





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