Springfield community to Jacksonville teachers: “we appreciate you”


Our first Teachers Are More Canvassing Day took place on Feb. 17 in the Springfield community. Students, parents and teachers from Westside High School, Ribault High School, Englewood High School and Fishweir Elementary gathered with a mission to encourage Springfield residents to support teachers by placing a Teachers Are More sign in their yard and sharing a story of a teacher who had a significant impact on their lives with the Teachers Are More campaign using #JaxThanksATeacher on social media.

When it comes to effective campaigning, there is no substitute for the impact that face-to-face interactions can have. The community reception was positive; canvassers relayed that so many residents felt connected to the need for a campaign like Teachers Are More as a means of showing their appreciation for teachers. This outreach also adds another component to the community mobilization work we undertake by reaching individuals who are not already within our social networks -- online or offline -- and bringing them into the education conversations in Jacksonville where they can continue to voice their support for teachers.

Residents engaged with the campaign by placing a yard sign, contributing their story to the campaign and making plans to visit the interactive Traveling Exhibitthat will be brought to different neighborhoods in Jacksonville over the next year. Just as important, canvassers -- both experienced and first-timers -- were excited to participate in these door-to-door conversations and are eager to take up future opportunities to make connections and build community while working to thank teachers in Duval County for their service in our classrooms.

There are many ways to get engaged in support of public education!

If you would like to participate in the Teachers Are More canvassing or if you would like to pick up a yard sign to place in your yard, please contact Kris Estanga. Canvassing will take place every first Saturday of the month from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. in specific communities.

As an advocate for public education, we know that your contributions have made a difference, not just in your neighborhood school, but in the city as a whole. This is why we are extending an invitation to you to attend a Teachers Are More Regional Campaign Kick-Off Event! Space is limited, but you can RSVP today for an event in your neighborhood. Your personal reflection is needed!

Help us reach 100,000 messages of thanks on social media to show our teachers that we know about and appreciate all of the hard work they do to ensure that students grow into responsible citizens who can contribute in meaningful ways to our great city! Share your response on your personal Facebook or Twitter using the #JaxThanksATeacher. Make sure the privacy settings on that post are set to public and tag @JaxPEF.




of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.