Teacher Leadership Initiative Spotlight: Melissa Trocchio

Tell us a little bit about your school, Atlantic Coast High School: 

I am reaching the end of my first year teaching Biology at Atlantic Coast High School. My school is rich in diversity and academic success.  

Tell us a little bit about you as a leader – what do you prioritize in schools you serve?: 

It has taken me some time to consider myself a leader. I attribute most of my leadership skills to the trainings through TLI. I prioritize equity through the practices of restorative justice.   

What are your big goals for your school this year? What are you working really hard to move forward? 

My goals include creating a safe learning environment where students feel free to express themselves through learning. I am working hard to move forward with implementing community circles. They are starting off in my classroom and my hope is to bring them to the whole school. 

How  is the Teacher Leader Initiative helping you with your goals? What are some of the top things you took away from the learning?

Teacher Leader Initiative teaches me how to set my own goals and empowers me to develop a plan to reach them. The inquiry cycle has been my life saver this year. Instead of shutting down in the face of adversity, I have developed tools to respond proactively.  





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