Teacher Roundtable Series opens for the Fall - join with fellow public school teachers to discuss the topic of Teacher Leadership.


Guest Blogger Kelly Scott is a visiting instructor at the University of North Florida's College of Education and Human Services and teaches courses within the Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL Department. Kelly previously worked with JPEF as a Research Analyst and is excited to rejoin the team through the Teacher Roundtable initiative this year as the Teacher Leadership Coordinator.

- Charmaine Campo 

Over the last several years, the Jacksonville Public Education Fund has supported teacher leadership in many ways, whether celebrating and elevating excellence in teaching through the EDDY Awards, sparking teacher innovation through funding from PowerUP Jax, partnering with The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida and Duval County Public Schools to recruit and retain great teachers and leaders, and connecting teachers to community conversations about key education issues through ONE by ONE.

Many of the teachers working with the Jacksonville Public Education Fund have asked the organization to provide a space for teachers to have deeper conversations with one another about the key issues facing educators today. Over the last few years, this gave birth to the Teacher Roundtable initiative aimed at giving teacher leaders an opportunity to share their ideas with one another and more broadly across Duval County, empowering them to advocate for their profession.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is committed to fostering these crucial conversations and to letting teachers lead the initiative as it progresses. Guiding these first steps has been a Teacher Roundtable Steering Committee composed of current and former teachers of the year, and members of this committee designed and led the Teacher Roundtable events.

On November 5 from 9 - 11:30 a.m., we'll start the first of a Fall Teacher Roundtable series of conversations and action planning on a topic chosen by teachers in the spring: teacher leadership. RSVP here or contact Kelly Scott at kelly@jaxpef.org for more information.

The second conversation of the Fall Teacher Roundtable series is scheduled for December 10 from 9 - 11:30 a.m., and you can register already by clicking here.

We hope you will join us for this powerful conversation and bring other teachers you know to discuss this important topic of teacher leadership in our schools.

The goals of the Teacher Roundtable are to elevate the voices of teachers in community and district discussions about improving public education, support teachers in being their own advocates and connect teacher leaders to the community through speaking engagements and other opportunities.

The energy, passion and expertise of the teachers who participate in the Teacher Roundtable — many of them current or former teachers of the year — make these events exhilarating and leave the educators with a renewed sense of excitement about leading their profession forward in a way that gives teachers a new opportunity to connect with each other and elevate their voices.

It is our hope that citizens and leaders locally and across the state will see these ideas and the Teacher Roundtable as a resource as they work together to bring about improvements to our public schools with a goal of ensuring that all students and teachers meet their full potential.

To learn about the results of previous Teacher Roundtable series, click here.

To learn more about Teacher Roundtable contact Kelly Scott, Teacher Roundtable Coordinator at kelly@jaxpef.org.






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