Three Quick Tips to Get Fully Funded on PowerUP Jax


Have you been eyeing a new set of books, science lab supplies, tablets or other new technology for your classroom? Personal and school budgets are tight, but teachers have a fabulous opportunity to raise funds by crowd sourcing with PowerUP Jax.

I'd like to share some tips I've learned for getting projects funded on PowerUP Jax.

1. Be specific and detailed.

When creating a new project include specific details about what will be purchased and how it will help your students. "We need tablets!" is not specific. "My students have limited access to technology.  Incorporating two new student-use tablets into our classroom engages students in learning and practicing new skills, aids in research projects and provides more opportunities for authentic learning."

Also introduce your class, safely. How many students do you teach? Which grade level(s)? Is your school Title I or an ESOL center?  What special programs or magnet does the school utilize? What sets your classroom apart from the others?  Give a voice to your classroom. 

2. Keep your project small.

Smaller projects can be funded faster than larger projects. It is more likely for a $300 project to be funded than a $3000 project.

If your project is extensive, consider breaking it down into several smaller projects or installments. As projects get funded and integrated into your classroom, use that success as a stepping stone for the next installment. Communicate with supporters how their assistance in funding the previous project affected the learning in your classroom. Then specifically explain how the next project builds upon that base. 

3. Get shameless!

Send donation e-mails to friends, family, student's parents, the PTA, your principal, and the school's business or faith-based partners. Post a link to your project on social media. Use the blog and Facebook widgets from PowerUP Jax (found on your user dashboard).

The most common reason people give for not doing something is, "I wasn't asked." So ASK! Many people wish to support public education, but don't know how. Express how donating to your project is a unique and meaningful way to support your classroom and public education.

When your project is funded celebrate! Send thank you e-mails to all the supporters. Post the news on social media.  Share how this project impacted your students and your classroom. Keep the buzz going and set up a new project within a month.

Hopefully these tips help you reach your funding goal.  Good luck and happy teaching!


Adrienne Lodico, DCPS Teacher

Adrienne has three fully funded projects that were posted on PowerUP Jax.




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