Volunteer Spotlight: Delisa shares why she's passionate about moving public education forward


As Volunteer Appreciation month comes to end, we'd like to spotlight Delisa Turner. Delisa has volunteered with the organization for two years in various roles from recruiting volunteers to making swag bag stuffing a friendly competition!

Delisa Turnerundefined

I am is passionate about public education because it provides a foundation of common literacy.Public schools emphasize on the importance of providing unique and individualized opportunities. Our public educational system is essential to the well being of our country; and our community. A guaranteed access to a free and quality education is the right to every child in our country.

I enjoy advocating with JPEF and other public education advocates! I only wish I had time to volunteer more! This is my 2nd year volunteering with JPEF and I have enjoyed every volunteer role and task that is given or asked of me.

I move public forward because I believe in public education and help to ensure high-quality public education for all Duval County children.

What's important for JPEF to know about our volunteers? JPEF cares, JPEF advocates, JPEF is family, and JPEF is thankful for volunteers at every level; (small/large volunteering assistance).

-- Delisa Turner




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