Why volunteers are like poetry: An appreciation


Did you know April was Volunteer Appreciation Month? Volunteers share a month with poetry! I imagine this is why:

They’re waiting to be called on
And they respond without delay
They block out hours on the weekend
And the occasional weekday
They show up to venue
With big smiles and cheer
They take pride in their service
And the title: Volunteer
We couldn’t do much without them
Which is why we don’t even try
Volunteers are like poetry, I suppose
And I believe
These are just some reasons why

On behalf of the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, I would like to thank each and every person who volunteers with us and other non-profit organizations in Jacksonville, FL. Many of our organizations have limited resources, and this could stand in the way of us putting on successful programs and events. More importantly, these limitations could stand in the way of us reaching our organization’s mission and goals. That’s where our volunteers come in and save the day. This is why we wanted to appreciate them during Tuesday’s luncheon. Everyone left with a “volunteer survival kit” filled with some snacks and other small gifts.

Whether it's elevating the voices of other community members in the conversation about public education, visiting amazing teachers to highlight their excellence, serving on committees and a multitude of other ways that they drive this work, our volunteers are incredible!

During the luncheon, we recognized three volunteers in particular, who served between 20 and 35 hours with us over the past school year. Without dedicated volunteers like Kifimbo Holloway-Parnell, Allishia Bauman, and Karla Ebio, we would not be able to reach our community and schools as effectively as we do now. So from our staff to each of you, thank you.








of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.