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Joshua Diaz

Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary

Wells Fargo Finalist

Joshua Diaz teaches fifth grade math and science at Hogan-Spring Glen Elementary School. He says that his students “refuel” him and that they inspire and amaze him each and every day. He believes that building strong relationships is key to student and school success.

“Our students deserve a high quality education and our communities deserve high quality schools that should serve as pillars of success and pride.”
--Joshua Diaz
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Rachel Duff

Alfred I. DuPont Middle School

Deutsche Bank Finalist

Rachel Duff, Deutsche Bank Finalist, teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Developmental Language and English Language Arts with emergent bilingual students at Alfred I. DuPont Middle School. Previously, she taught abroad in Guyana for three months. She feels that she is the most important advocate for her students.

"If I don't advocate for my students, my immigrant students, my refugee students, my undocumented students, my black and brown students, who will?"
--Rachel Duff
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Danisha Love

William M. Raines High School

VyStar Finalist

Danisha Love, VyStar Finalist, teaches ninth and tenth grade Algebra 1 and Intensive Math at William M. Raines High School. She believes that the positivity and confidence she pours into her students opens up a world of opportunity they might not otherwise believe is real and communicates to her students that she has high expectations for all of them because she wants the best for them.

"To be an effective teacher is to find the perfect balance between loving your students while sometimes dealing with their worst and maintaining your expectations of them."
--Danisha Love
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Sarah Pasion

Sadie T. Tillis Elementary School

Rotary Finalist

Sarah Pasion, Rotary Finalist, teaches fourth grade math and science at Sadie T. Tillis Elementary School. Ms. Pasion is a proud educator who aims to make a contribution in shaping the world of tomorrow. She says that her most significant goal is to impact the lives of each and every student that she teaches.

"Being a teacher is something that I had dreamt since I was young."
--Sarah Pasion
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Nakeisha Tinsley

Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School

Florida Blue Finalist

Nakeisha Tinsley, Florida Blue Finalist, teaches sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Health and Physical Education at Matthew W. Gilbert Middle School. Ms. Tinsley believes in choosing equity over equality with her students and using a variety of instructional practices to address the different learning styles of each and every one of her students.

"To close the achievement gap in Duval County, there must be an improvement in the manner in which we deal with low-performing schools."
--Nakeisha Tinsley

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