2022 School Leader Summer Residency Experience 

Launched in 2020, the Summer Leadership Experience provides a Summer Residency for up to 30 Title I Elementary School Principals.

This year's Summer Residency will take place from July 13-15

July 13, Day 1
Identity, Leadership Development: Perspectives of the Role Identity plays in the World of Work  

Facilitator Dr. Rudy Jamison Jr. 

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

The Identity Leadership Development experience is designed to have participants interrogate and reimagine the role identity plays within leadership development, especially as it relates to the world of work. We will individually reflect, collectively meaning-make, and share best perspectives that center identity in how we are developed as leaders. The day will include: empirically examined evidence of socio-cultural determinants that influence leadership and leadership development, participatory research (done prior to the experience) that illustrates share leadership perspectives, the examination of conceptual constructs concerning career mobility, acquiring connoisseurship, the construction of our own developmental networks, and an exploration of what advocacy means in this thing we call leadership development. 

Location: Jessie Dupont Center

July 14, Day 2
Building a Strong Diverse team: Selection, Hiring, and Onboarding. Eliminating bias in interview processes 

Facilitator Solona Hollis from TNTP

8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

A growing body of research shows that a more diverse teacher workforce leads to better outcomes for all students— especially students of color. Specifically, research has found that students of color who have teachers of color are more likely to be enrolled in gifted programs, less likely to be suspended or drop out, more likely to aspire to attend a four-year college, and more likely to achieve at higher levels.  Yet, while nearly half of American public school students are students of color, approximately 80 percent of teachers are white. This session will introduce participants TNTP’s research on The Opportunity Myth, explore our identities, and the intersection between bias, student learning, and strong talent management. Participants will learn the skills to developing a strong, diverse teaching staff.

Location: Jessie Dupont Center 

July 15, Day 3
Self Care and Leadership

Keynotes from Dr. Ebony Green and Dr. James Johnson Jr.

8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Dr. Ebony Green will discuss the importance of self care as an essential component of transformative leadership. Additionally, participants will deepen their knowledge related to 3 levels of care: self, group, and system and how each level is interconnected to creating conditions for leaders, teachers, and students to thrive professional and emotionally.

Dr. Johnson's keynote, Gale Force Demographic Wind Gusts Ahead, looks at changing demographics and what it means for education. Seven powerful demographic trends—analogous to gale force wind gusts in an adverse weather event—constitute potentially powerful disruptors of education, business, and commerce in the years ahead. Four of the gale force demographic disruptors—slowing total, white, and foreign-born population growth as well as declining fertility—have evolved over the past several decades. The remaining three—deaths of despair, involuntary retirements, and declining female labor force participation—are rooted in recent crises that created a major demographic depression in the U.S. Failure to address these forces has enormous implications for talent development, recruitment, and retention, prime drivers of U.S. business competitiveness in an ever-changing and increasingly diverse global marketplace.

Location: TBA

Happy Hour Social

Estrella, 5 p.m.





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