About the Wolfburg Fund & Fellowship

The Wolfburg Fund for Social Justice in Education, based at the Jacksonville Public Education Fund, exists to advance the work of educators committed to social justice.

As a component of the Fund, the Wolfburg Fellowship is a unique opportunity that provides up to $7,000 for teachers to deepen their knowledge around issues related to social justice, diversity and inclusion, and to implement an aligned action research project in partnership with students.

The award is given annually as a named grant and announced publicly to recognize teachers who have demonstrated an interest in and talent for ensuring equitable access to supportive learning environments for students in diverse and low-income school communities.

2023 Wolfburg Fellow Anthony Aiuppy

2022 Wolfburg Fellow Shaneka Ferrell

2021 Wolfburg Fellow Steve Ingram 

WATCH: 2020-2021 Wolfburg Fellow Abby Solano




Kiersten Washell
Every person is different in some way, shape or form, and we must strive to celebrate those differences, because they are what make our families, communities and the world so amazing. We want to work to have a positive impact on our community for generations to come."

-Brian and Jake Wolfburg


Goals of the Fellowship

The fellowship is intended to provide a high-quality professional learning experience for teachers to support their leadership around issues related to social justice, diversity, and inclusion and to encourage their retention as educators. 

  • The fellowship opportunity is also intended to support teachers to produce student-level impact and activate the leadership potential in their students. As such, the fellowship opportunity should be viewed as an opportunity to support teachers to transform the student learning experience.

Candidate Eligibility

To be considered, applicants must:

  • Currently serve as a teacher in a traditional or charter public school in Duval County that has a Title I designation. Preference will be shown to schools with a Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) low-income distinction.

  • Spend at least 50% of their workweek in direct classroom instruction.

  • Have a minimum of two years of teaching experience and intend to stay in the classroom the year after their completed Fellowship.

About the Fellowship 

The Wolfburg Fellowship is a unique opportunity for teachers to advance their professional learning while leading change at their schools in partnership with students. The Fellowship offers an investment of $7,000 through the following components.

  • An investment of $3,000 for the teacher to participate in a high-quality professional learning experience in Diversity and Inclusion topics, such as inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQ+ students, bullying prevention, restorative practices, equity auditing, racial and ethnic injustice, religious freedom, rejecting ableism, serving immigrants and activating resistance.

  • An investment of $2,000 to drive impact for students at their schools through an action research project. 

  • An investment of $1,500 for the Fellow to participate in the Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s Teacher Leadership Initiative, where they will complete a rigorous course of study with faculty from state universities and regional and national experts in Diversity and Inclusion topics.

  • An investment of $500 for a student leader, as age-appropriate, to drive impact alongside their teacher in creating just and inclusive environments for all. As the students lead, the teacher will serve as their mentor.
  • In addition, the Fellow will have the opportunity to engage with the Wolfburg family and other local business leaders passionate about social justice, diversity and inclusion, allowing them to learn from each other. 


School principal working with students

About the JPEF Teacher Leadership Initiative

The Wolfburg Fellow will have the opportunity to participate in JPEF's Teacher Leadership Initiative, which brings leading education experts to support teachers for a yearlong program of professional learning and action research in their school communities. The deadline to apply for the 2023 Fellowship is February 16.

Expectations of the Fellows 
  • Consult and communicate with the JPEF Director of Teacher Leadership to select a rigorous and appropriate professional learning experience that will stay in the budget and align with the intentions of the Fellowship.

  • Complete the requirements of the JPEF Teacher Leadership Initiative programming that culminates with an action research project that incorporated elements of the Fellowship and TLI. 

  • Prepare a professional development session that is submitted to the WJCT TEACH conference for consideration and that is shared with their school and other public school colleagues.

  • Communicate with the Wolfburg family and JPEF to share progress and reflections.

  • Complete an exit interview with the Director of Teacher Leadership upon conclusion of the Fellowship.

  • Serve on the selection committee for the next Fellow(s) if requested. 

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