The Duval County School Board reopened its search for a new school superintendent on March 15 and closed the search on April 15. A total of 20 individuals applied for the position, with the majority applying in the final days. Below are the names of the candidates, with summaries of their applications being added.

Dr. Melissa Barrow

Dr. Christopher Bernier

Ms. Shahnazz Boyd

Dr. Ronnie Dotson

Jeffrey Greenley

Dr. Christopher Macalus

Dr. Sylvia Mitchell

Dr. Sito Narcisse

Dr. Michelle Nixon

Dr. Carlos Perez

Dr. Josiah Phillips 

Dr. Cheryl Proctor

Dr. Corwin Robinson

Dr. Donise Robinson

Dr. Luis Solano

Dr. Daniel Smith

Dr. George Stalliard

Andrew Stenwall

Adam Taylor

Dr. Roy Wilson

On April 23, the School Board members will select semifinalists and questions for them, as well as appoint members of the Community Focus Group.

For more information, watch Dr. Shannon Varga, JPEF Director of Research and Data, and Leofric Thomas, Jr., Manager of Research and Policy, discuss the superintendent search.

In October 2023, the board suspended the search it had begun following the retirement of Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene in July. Board members cited a lack of qualified applicants as the reason to postpone the search.

During the search last year, Duval County Public Schools conducted a series of community events and a public survey to get input from the community.

In this blog post JPEF explains the current educational landscape and the many responsibilities of a school superintendent.






of public schools in Duval County earned an "A," "B," or "C" in 2021-2022.